Creating beauty in the everyday

Creating beauty in the everyday

What if the mundane could be beautiful?

The simple act of setting the table with hand-picked flowers for a delicious dinner with loved ones, or rising early in the morning to see the sun wake and fill the sky with pastels and warmth, to pouring coffee into a hand moulded mug — this is where we find beauty. This is a part of us.
What makes something beautiful? Is it perfection, or the fact that it’s actually not the same as last time—that it’s beautiful precisely because it’s unique and one of a kind. Take humankind for example, altogether we are more beautiful because each one of us is different.

Creative Expression

Creative expression is the expression of oneself, sharing with the world how you see it, and in turn, how you want to create it. Creative expression grounds us and connects us, helping us to be present in the everyday. Take notice. When you start to allow creativity and beauty to be a part of your everyday, you’ll start to feel a sense of peace and connection.

How do we live a life of creative expression?

Creatively expressing yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just the choices we make, in each moment. We are not saying everything you do has to be creative (we can all agree washing the dishes isn't so creative) but it’s a posture and a conscious place in our being that sees and feels beauty, and acts on it. 
What you wear, how you design and curate your space, your home, and your life, are all a creative expressions of who you are. Hang that artwork, go on weekend adventures, wear that outfit that feels too special. Be you, and create the world around you.
A few things you can do to awaken the flow of your creativity, and therefore experience beauty in the everyday:
  1. Get up early and watch the sunrise
    For those who’ve been following us for a while, you would know we are lovers of the beach and the skies. Getting up early to see and experience nature waking up by watching the sunrise is deeply inspiring. Not only do the colours and scenery capture us, but breathing in the fresh air and stretching the body are obviously good for our minds and bodies. We love to take a camera down take photos, but going without any technology is just as good (if not better!) to enjoy the moment for yourself, allowing beauty to impact you as you are present in that place.
  1. Journal
    We are huge fans of the book “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. A practice that we’ve used over the years from this book is her morning pages, which is where you allow your mind to unload its thoughts each morning by journalling 5 pages. There’s no thinking about what you write, it’s just writing. This unlocks words hidden deep within you, without overthinking or rationalising. This has the potential to unlock your creative expression and the artist within, not just in your writing but across whatever creative expression you enjoy. The practice of not overthinking is what you are cultivating.
  1. Self Care
    Practicing creativity is so good for our mental health, and can be a great self care tool, and at the same time self care rituals and putting value on our selves and our well-being directly impacts our creativity. Developing habits and routines that foster self care is a key to creative flow. Something we love to do is stretch our bodies, and take time to move. This not only unlocks tension and stress in muscles, but is a good place to practice meditation by breathing and being present. Self care may also look like a skin care routine, eating healthy, exercise, mindfully painting or journalling as mentioned above. Allowing these to become a part of our everyday will help us flourish in our wellbeing, which in turn will help us flourish in our creativity. 
There are many more things you can do to help cultivate a creative and authentic life, but ultimately being yourself and doing things that fill your soul, is not only going to benefit you, but it will benefit the relationships, people and world around you. Your uniqueness is valuable and significant. Your expression is who you are. 
To the artisans, makers, appreciators, thoughtful thinkers, wholehearted lovers, ambitious, creative, stylists, curators. Never stop creating and appreciating the beauty in the little and the large, that life is.